Terms & Conditions

We understand that terms & conditions can seem a bit like a way that businesses can avoid providing the service you expect and pay for. At GO-IT Support we wanted to make the T’s&C’s a bit less daunting and to be as clear as possible.

1. Sales of support packs are purchases of blocks of time which can be used to submit a support call to receive help for a Microsoft Windows, Computer or Laptop. We will attempt to provide assistance with apple products, where possible.

1b. We will also attempt to provide assistance with android devices, printers, home networking, WiFi, Antivirus, malware and general troubleshooting.

2. We do not provide business support any anyway with our home purchases, if you require assistance with business related issues please contact us to discuss the possibility of a business package.

3. Support blocks are valid for one year from the date of purchase. If support blocks expire you will need purchase more time. We may make exceptions at our discretion. Please talk to us if you have a problem, we may be able to help.

4. By purchasing a Support Block, you are gaining access to time either via online chat, email, ticket system, phone or remote control of your computer via Anydesk or teamviewer although we may change this at any time.

4b. For devices we can’t gain access to we will do our best to resolve any issues you have, with one or any combination of the following, email, chat, ticket or phone.

5. For non technical advice, we may use, email, chat, ticket or phone to assist you.

5b. Any advice non technical that we give will be based on the latest information that we have at the time it is given. We do not accept liability for advice given as it represents an opinion that we hold and we make no claim that, our opinion is the best choice for an individual. The final choice is always the responsibility of the customer.

6. Not all technical problems can be resolved remotely or via, text, chat or email. There are occasions when your equipment will need to be repaired by a third party. We will advise if we believe that this is necessary. However some computer issues may manifest as hardware faults when they are not. We offer no warranty for hardware related issues or hardware problems caused by external devices or upgrades that you may have installed on your computer.

6b. Certain software applications can also cause hardware like symptoms. We will do our best to identify these but due to the nature of online troubleshooting it is not possible to guarantee successful resolution.

7. In all instances where the fault is not apparent we will do your best to assist you.

7b.  We are not responsible for software or applications that you have installed on your computer.

8. Viruses and Malware. We will make best efforts to assist you and remove viruses and malware from your computer. Dye to the evolving nature of computer viruses and malware no warranties are offered or can be provided. 

9. Support blocks can be used in a minimum of 15 minutes increments or above to a maximum of two hours at any one time.

9b. Support calls that last below 15 minutes will be logged as the minimum 15 minute block as it takes time to prepare and arrange for a support call or session.

9c. Support lasts longer as you are using only the time you need. We believe this is a fairer more cost effective way of using support. 

10. We do not provide refunds. Although there are no contracts, we do not provide refunds for time unspent or otherwise. If you are unhappy with the service provided please contact us or email us at help@goitsupport.co.uk detailing your concern. Your account may be terminated by us at anytime for any reason, if this happens we will offer a pro rata refund, unless the termination was because of abuse towards us or our staff.

11. To book a time for a support call/ session please use the booking form located here: https://goitsupport.co.uk/book-slot/

11b. Select from the times available and we will attempt to confirm as soon as possible. We don not provide a service on Sundays, requests made after we close on Saturday we will respond on the following Monday.

11c. Due to the nature of online booking times online can get double booked or are not always available even though they show online. For this reason we request that you wait for a confirmation email or call from one of our agents.

11d. If for it is not possible for you to use the online booking form can email or call to book a time slot.

12. After your support call you will receive an email with the remaining time and details of your previous call.